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March 25, 2015

Over the past year I have added acupuncture to my journey.

I started in late 2013 with once a week visits.  A little past the six month mark I was able to move to every other week.  In 2013 someone very close to me took very ill. Her journey and her battle is much more important than mine right now. I do not know what her journey will bring – but it is very, very important to me that I be there for her.

I would like to discuss my experiences with my acupuncture at more length as I was very, very surprised to find that my response was so, well, for lack of a better term: Good!

I still have to be very cautious about what I eat. And last summer brought on a nasty ‘thyroid storm’, probably due to my worry about my loved one. I got through it. I rested, I was cautious with my diet, and I practiced something else I was introduced to: EFT also know as “Tapping”.

I bought the book: The Tapping Solution, and downloaded some of the audio’s that were appropriate to what I’m going through and have added that to my ‘self-care’.

I see a therapist at least once a month as I cope with my feelings. It is very, very tough to watch someone you love battle a long-term illness and be helpless to ‘do anything’ to change what they are going through.

My sincere apologies for taking so long to answer the many responses that came in response to my ‘night shade’ list.

I myself am still trying to get the: solanaceae/nightshade/asterid connection straight and I am sure my notes show it. What I do know is that plants in those various orders/families/sub-families tend to make me sick and experience pain. It is as simple as that and I work to keep them out of my diet.

What works for me – may not work for someone else. What I react to – may not trigger someone else. It is simple, the whole point of my journey has been to find a way to eliminate and keep track of what I eliminated to see if it was causing an inflammatory response, which in turn would eventually bring on physical pain.

Learning my triggers is an ongoing process. Taking care of my mental and physical health is very important. And rest, make that R E S T, is extremely important and difficult to follow through with. One thing I have learned living most of my life with inflammatory problems is that rest seems to be the one that goes awry first.

I will try to get back with my experience and thoughts on acupuncture in the near future.

Kind regards to all,



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