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Day 9 – No Test

February 12, 2013

Record my weight as soon as I get up and then start my day with my dandelion and milk thistle supplements taken with 8 oz of warm water with lemon juice.


  • 1/2 c blueberries
  • 1/4 c flax granola mix
  • 1/4 c [dry] (verses 1/3 cup) of Quinoa flakes *Cooks up to about the recommended serving of a hot rice cereal.
  • 1 teaspoon of chia seeds (and my local bee pollen).
  • Silk Coconut Milk

**Today I was allowed to add a rice (no puffed rice) cereal to my breakfast. I chose to add Quinoa flakes instead as they land in the same reaction percentage as rice and I know I can tolerate the quinoa flakes just fine.

Lunch 1:

  • Spicy Vegetarian soup with sunflower seeds and 1/4 avocado

*Decided to show my meals spaced out the way I eat them from here on out. I mushed/blended the avocado into my soup.

Lunch 2:

  • Baby Romaine with cucumber/mango salsa and goat cheese *The sunflower seeds and avocado were supposed to go on this salad. But I decided to use up the salsa that I had made since I don’t like stuff sitting in the fridge and I am rather sick of having similar salads day after day.


  • 1 Chocolate covered [drizzled] pear slice


  • Lamb
  • Roasted winter squash with butter and cinnamon
  • Salad with baby romaine, zucchini, carrot, 1/2 apple, and cilantro with Limone (Lemon Wine) vinegar and evoo [extra virgin olive oil] *Skipping the 1/4 avocado and replacing with baby cucumber. I’m not a fan of avocado…I keep having to ‘hide’ it in stuff. I need a break from the darn stuff! Cucumber is not considered highly reactive and I’ve been fine with it earlier in the plan.


  • Cinnamon poached pear and apple *I keep forgetting to mention that I can have whipped cream with my poached fruit. I don’t often indulge in whipped cream as it is almost always a fast way to bring on stomach cramps and bloating. So I haven’t been adding anything at all to the pear. I like, no actually, I love cinnamon so I do not feel like I am missing a darn thing!

**I should also mention that the pear and apple are left over from earlier in the day.


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