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Waiting, waiting, waiting…

I have been ‘down for the count’ for months, no, make that years. My mom and my dad were my focus. They are both gone now. I’m trying to regroup, and heal my broken heart. Things that were ‘important’ to me prior my mom’s cancer battle, and my dad’s heath problems, no longer matter. I have deleted everything that came before in this journal.

If you were following my journey blogs through Lyme Disease and nightshade problems, my apologies. Go right ahead and ‘unfollow’ my blogs. I don’t have the energy to keep those pages up. I need to heal my broken heart, I hope you will understand. I am pretty sure that this page still does not allow comments due to that one little ‘know it all’ pest that would not stop haunting my journey and upsetting the people that had been following along.

Besides painting and creating, I hike, it’s what I love to do – I’m in a holding pattern, but at the first opportunity I’ll pull on one of my backpacks, grab my camera and go.

In the meantime: I have returned to painting…the rambles are on hold.

Bless you and yours in your journeys.

~Artist Amy